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    Silent, dark night
    The storm had just passed by
    Things have settled down again
    After a long fight
    The smoke slowly clears
    But clouds still drop the rain
    This house now is empty
    'Cause you took what I didn't give you
    And I was pleased to see you smiling
    Even if we reached the end
    Sunny morning
    For a chaothic day
    Compassion fades away
    Now you know
    I don't want you to go
    But I don't want you to stay
    I can't say I love you
    'Cause I'm not sure I hate you
    But I know I don't wanna see your face
    At least not now
    Lonely walking
    Down your street
    Right to your door
    I knocked two, three, or four times
    In silence thinking
    While you spoke
    I guess that I was dreaming
    'Cause I thought I heard you say you're sorry
    But my flowers are still in your wastebasket...

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