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    If you love somebody
    Don't let him down
    Make him a king
    But don't give him the crown
    Don't annoy him
    Make him feel good
    But if he asks you
    Don't tell him the truth
    If you love somebody
    Give him a call
    Always help him
    Don't let him fall
    If he likes your way
    You know you can try
    But if he'd walk away
    There's no need to cry
    Everytime you love somebody
    You can't forget
    That your life is one
    And you'll never get
    All tose things you always wanted to have
    But I tell you never give up
    If you love somebody
    Tell who you are
    Be his best friend
    Make him feel like a star
    Know his feeling, thinking
    Moving and dreaming
    Don't give up
    You don't know what you're missing
    Repeat Chorus

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