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    When you need somebody
    When you want to cry your fears
    When you feel the world is against you
    And what you got is only memories
    Know that I´ll be there for you
    And that you can count on me
    That your fears are also mine
    And that together we´ll get by
    Cause you know
    I´ll never let you down
    And those stupid fights
    Are nothing but far past
    So come on my friend
    Let´s do what has to be done
    Take my hand
    Let´s jump, let´s run, let´s fly
    And never ever come back down
    We´re friends, together
    Friends forever
    We´re friends and that´s what we´ll be
    Until the end of time you´ll see
    Yes, you´ll see
    When I´m in trouble
    I know you will always be by my side
    I know you´ll help me get it through
    When I need to tell a secret
    I know whom to trust
    When I need an advice
    I know whom to ask
    And I thank you, my friend, for all of this
    What you´ve done to make reality out of my fantasies
    Now close your eyes and make a wish
    Don´t give up what you want
    Know that I am always here
    But if you need me, I´ll be there
    And if someday, somewhere
    You feel alone or scared
    If you need somebody
    Maybe a friend
    You know you can trust me
    So come on, give me a call
    Forget the world, it doesn´t mind
    Come with me and you´ll be fine
    Repeat Chorus

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