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    Always running
    Against time
    Hardly fighting
    What has to come
    Hating, burning
    Human souls
    Constantly turning
    The living into stone
    And all you've got now
    Are those statues in your garden
    Of frozen hearts that won't survive
    Never surrender
    Tell me, do you know who you are?
    Always remember
    That alone you won't get that far
    You're discovering
    Hidden strength
    Slowly dying
    Losing your faith
    Trying to find
    A reason why
    You get blind as
    Time flies by
    Your mirrors are broken
    All your angles are revealed
    And through the cracks of your body you scream
    Repeat Chorus
    Keep the pain, learn with it
    Don't just fade with the mist
    Hunting your ghosts with butterfly net
    And all those troubles you haven't faced yet
    Never surrender, always look back
    But if it comes after you, don't think, attack
    Repeat Chorus
    You know what is better
    So just make your way and get going
    You don't need shelter
    Let's see if you can live by your own

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