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    You look in the mirror
    Ask who is standing there
    You don┬'t recognize
    Even yourself
    Your life is all gone
    All your good friends have flown
    Your world is falling down
    As you cry in your room
    The world is standing by
    Holding you in the doom

    You cry to yourself
    Trying not to fall
    As this feeling inside, this feeling so cold
    Take your heart and your soul
    Humans falling like snow
    Destroying their lives
    Destroying their world
    Forgiveness fades away
    From it bursting our blood

    With angel┬'s tears
    You conquer the world
    By some stranger┬'s fears
    You┬'re a prisioner hold
    With angel┬'s tears
    You cry for the human race
    Wait for a holy bless
    You can┬'t change the world

    You close you eyes
    And think of all that you┬'ve done
    Where are your friends? The vanished, they┬'re gone
    There┬'s nothing to find
    When there┬'s nothing to hide
    With so many problems
    There are so many sins
    With an unconscious touch
    Put an end to the dream

    Now you have the scars
    Of so many battles
    Ones you┬'ve won one┬'s you┬'ve lost
    But you finally got
    All you always wanted
    For the people around you
    Love and hope
    Would they always remember

    Repeat Chorus

    You open the window
    Take a look at the streets
    Can you still be alive? Maybe your heart beats?
    As you see emotions dying
    You think that you┬'re flying
    Golden wings on your back
    Heading to Paradise
    And the world starts to die
    As you kiss it goodbye

    Repeat Chorus

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