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    We've almost got job security,
    At least there's a roof over our heads.
    There are beds in our rooms,
    And warm plates of food
    Waiting to be had.

    We're not asking
    If they want anything,
    But we'll take
    What you can give.
    I can honestly say
    At this point in my life,
    I'm grateful for what I get.

    So hey,
    Why am I trying to escape,
    When everything I need is right here
    At home?

    I read that every good sermon
    It starts with a story
    To reel the audience in.
    But I've got no life experience,
    Just this terrible fear
    That I'll captivate anything.
    If I really have your attention
    I'm desperate for the affection
    Of a full capacity room.
    As sweat seeps from my pores
    I race for the door
    And don't want it anymore.

    So hey,
    Why am I trying to escape,
    When everything I need is right here?

    But the neighbors just called
    You didn't make it that far.
    They saw ya picking flowers
    From their yard.
    Well hip, hip, hooray
    What a wonderful escape.
    And the way that I see
    I see nothing at all,
    I'm blindfolded in the backseat
    Of a car.
    Just drop me somewhere,
    I can't retrace my steps.

    Can I come back yet
    To the only place
    That clears my head?
    To my home.

    Yes, I learned my lesson,
    But I'll always be restless,
    I can assure you of that.
    Even in the kingdom of heaven
    I'll be asking the question,
    "What's it like in hell"?

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