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    Living my life without you
    Something I donâ??t wanna do
    So please donâ??t walk away
    And leave me all alone
    Baby, stay for just a while

    1 -     Why canâ??t you stay with me
           For just a while
           Cuz if you leave
           Youâ??ll take a piece of me
           Why canâ??t you stay
           With me for just a while
           Boy, you know you have the key to my heart

    Oh baby, girl I don't want you to go
    You are my heart and soul
    The reason that I live
    The one that I adore
    And I can't stand the thought
    Of being by myself
    But I can't see myself
    Loving no, nobody else

    Repeat 1

    And when ever you need me girl
    I'll be right by your side
    I'll always love you
    Who can love you
    Why won't you stay with me awhile

    Ad lib

    Repeat 1 until fade

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