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    Na na na na na
    Na na na na na na
    Na na na na na
    Na na na na na na

    Just coming home from work
    To a cold and empty house
    Can't even eat, so hurt
    Anticipating on this couch
    Waiting on the phone to ring
    Or the sound of your keys
    I'm faced with this reality
    That you're not coming home to me

    Mailman, is there a letter for me
    Please make it better for me
    Say that it's only a dream
    He's really here with me

    Folding up the sheets as I
    Think about the way it was
    I'm missing you, I'm not gon' lie
    You were my first and only love
    It's taking every piece of me
    To be strong enough to live
    Late at night I get so weak
    It's the fact that you're not here


    I tried my best to stop you
    When you were trying to leave
    I tried to tell you that
    Your seed's inside of me

    (Repeat CHORUS to fade)

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