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    [Chorus 2] a lucky day
    We can...get away
    Just tell the dj to play (and play)
    I just want to hear you play my favorite song
    I just to hear you play my favorite

    [Verse 1]
    Dj's got me feeling kinda sexy
    Got my body moving on the floor
    Everytime i hear that Funky music
    I just let the rhythm take control
    Come on...come on

    [Chorus 1]
    I like the jam your playing for me (don't stop don't stop that jam)
    Don't stop the jam just play it for me
    (it's that jam yeah, it's that jam yeah)

    [chorus 2]

    When you put the needle on the record
    Ain't nobody standing on the wall
    Everybody's stepping at this party
    Doing what we're doing
    Everybody just get down and have a ball

    [chorus 1]

    [chorus 2]

    Let the music play till the break of day yeah
    Got to feel the groove got to make a move
    As we dance all night till the morning light

    It's that jam [x4]

    [Chorus 2]

    Come on get up and dance [x8]

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