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    I can remember the day and time that we broke up
    It was December and the holidays were coming up
    I didn't expect to loose all of the time I shared with you
    But now that it's gone I find myself longing for you

    No doubt about it I'm sorry for the way things worked out
    If I could change it I would change it but I don't know how
    (No I can't ain't no need to cry when I know the reason why)
    You chose to leave me but I still wish you were here with me

    Its true I can't get over you
    No matter what I do
    Even if I try I, I can't get over you

    I can remember calling your phone and hanging up
    Cause I was to afraid to talk, if by chance you picked it up
    But now that I done thought about it,
    I'd feel better if we talk about it
    And let you know what's on my mind
    See I wanna try to make things right.

    [Repeat Prelude]
    [Repeat Chorus]

    Lately I've been doing some reminiscing
    I'd be lying if I said that I don't miss you
    I have feelings from deep in the past
    Cause now I need you back
    It wasn't so bad

    [Repeat Chorus 2x]

    I can't get over you
    I can't get over you
    No I can't get over
    Said no way I can't get over
    I can't get over you
    Alright yea yea

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