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    Lately, the vibe has been a little different, lately
    But I want to understand you so much more
    Open the door
    And then just tell me, open up and just it, baby

    Lately, I've been trying to keep my distance, cfazy
    It's not what I expected at first
    But now I understand you gotta be a man
    And now it's so clear to me, so you can keep it real with me

    (Winans and Evans)
    You ever wonder what makes a woman cry
    (You ever wonder why, sometimes you make me cry)
    You ever wonder what makes a women smile
    (It's just the little things, you do to make me smile)

    Maybe, we jumped into a situation too ugly, but it's something that our bodies can't ignore,
    Now you want mroe
    But I think I might be yea
    So open up and say it baby

    Lately, not to mention you got me feelin crazy
    Everytime you walk through my door
    My emotions won't let me say now
    Now I'm wondering if after this you want me anymore.


    You see I'm feelin you, you know I'm wantin to
    Put all my trust in you, cause ain't no guarentees

    And I'm so glad you do
    I feel the same way too
    All we gotta do is keep communicating, baby

    (chorus x3)

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