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    Verse 1
    Now i done felt a lot of pain
    I done seen a lot of things
    From struggling and broken heart to fancycars(oh yeah)
    And even though my money change
    I tried my best to stay the same
    But you know with mo money
    Mo problems came

    If I had to do it all again
    I wouldn't tske away the rain
    Cuz I know it made me who I am
    If i had to do it all again
    I've learn so much from my mistakes that's how I know he is watching me

    Verse 2
    In atl I caught a case
    And the media tried to say
    I had a habit
    I couldn't manage and i am throwing my life away
    But everything ain't what it seems just because it's on t
    Cuz they speculate and exaggerate for a better story


    Nobody knows what life may bring
    It might make you happy it might make you sad
    Sometimes yeah but I know there's a reason for everything(but I know)
    That's why I keep believing
    Whatever is meant to be it's going to be


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