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    I am braking all my rules and promises
    By feeling what i'm thinking
    Forcing myself to be in control
    Of what i'm saying when i'm drinking

    And now there is time to stop and read
    All the smaller parts within me
    And if your mouth was saying words in braille
    Would you be scared to feel them for real

    Are you sure
    If this is what you mean
    'couse if it's not
    You're reaching in between

    I know it's hard to change it
    But you really should break through
    I know it's hard to say
    But important that you do
    People will respect some one
    Who dares to speak his mind
    If not then live your live
    With the ones who stayed behind

    Break though find out
    Wat you want to say
    Run through make sure
    When you talk to me
    Be ware take care of your internal words
    Speak out what's in
    Before they start to burn
    Speak out what's in

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