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    And they resounded with a new prayer:
    "Deliver us, O lord, from the fury of the norsemen!" In vain!!

    Tales of the mighty deeds
    Of the heroes of old
    Still a certain nostalgia
    Of what has been, lived on

    They came from the cold and hostile north
    They pillaged the monasteries
    Putting villages to fire and the sword
    And profaned the churches

    "Far and wide like the falcon
    That hunts through the sky
    Flew he now o'er the desolate sea

    Has through courage strike close to thy foe
    Not too short for thee then is my blade

    When the storm roars on high
    Up aloft with the sail
    Ah! How pleasant is the sea in it's wrath!

    The sea-king himself shows no greed
    Only glory he seeks from his foe!"

    They sailed out of history
    Into the realm of legend

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