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    Deeds of hatred and treachery
    Mankind hunted by demons

    A period of bitter and unrelieved cold
    The mighty winter
    For three years no summer came
    To free men from their suffering

    Mounting fire and smoke
    Rising to the stars
    Intense coldness and ice storms
    Doomed to destruction

    A flood will overwhelm the earth
    One ship will sail
    Built on the uncut nails of the dead

    Evil omens are heard
    Major volcanic eruption
    Disasters from below
    Catastrophic destruction

    Man's mortal weakness
    A reign of flesh
    Fires dominate
    Streams of blood will flow

    Surt alone is left alive
    To fling fire over earth and heaven
    As the earth sinks below the waves
    Pursued by demons hatred and treachery

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