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    I run these stories through my head
    of her coming home
    and us just staring at each other
    and we'll both know
    yeah we'll both know
    and I won't care
    that she took me through a maze
    And left me there for days
    Until she made
    her mind to go away
    You'd think I'd know by now
    You'd think I'd wash this down
    Did you think I'd hurt her now
    Just to heal my heart
    Then you don't know me
    You don't know me
    And she don't owe me anything
    I'd love to think that she
    Was out to hurt me
    And given the facts
    Still maybe we
    We could you know, we could try again
    But she didn't mean the harm she put me through
    And I could never go to her and trust
    That she would ever care
    If time is all it takes than I've got plenty of that
    Plenty of that, and I'm a better man
    For all the time it takes

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