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    I know you know
    what I'm about to say
    but let me tell it to you anyway
    although I never mean to let you down
    you keep your head up and you stand your ground
    don't think I don't see all the things that you do
    You're the reason we've made it through
    there you are
    on the phone again
    reminding me why we're still friends
    there's a road we're on that never ends
    cause there you are again
    I know that sometimes I don't think to call
    but don't start thinking I don't care at all
    I'm always on my way to somewhere else
    searching high and low to find myself
    stuck on that highway
    between here and there
    I could be anywhere
    you're like the eye of a hurricane
    you are a constant in a world of change
    you are the calm in the storm
    when life gets strange

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