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    (Susie, this is for you.)

    You walk away
    You turn around
    You stomp your feet
    And kiss the ground
    And I should understand you so

    Remove any good decreed to me
    Oh I lived life so you should see what I already know

    [Chorus x2]
    You're a bitch and you'll always be
    There's a bitch on every branch of your family tree
    If bitchiness had numbers,
    You'd be infinity

    I'm too smooth
    Now I'm too rough
    Whatever it is,
    It isn't good enough
    For the one
    Who has to have it her way

    You roll your eyes,
    You swing your hair
    You throw your arms up in the air,
    And make believe you don't hear what I say

    [Chorus x2]


    [Chorus x2]

    Remove any good decreed to me
    Oh I lived life,
    So you should see what I
    Already know

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