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    I stare alone
    for no reason at all
    I could've had someone with me
    but didn't think to call
    and I'm definately bored
    and I sit with the cure
    I know I want to go
    yet my mind must know something more
    I wanna go home
    somewhere south of tennessee
    I wanna go home
    this isn't what it used to be
    feel the lines
    they're on my face
    where old school yards
    aren't parking space
    I'm home
    I'm home
    south of tennessee
    now I'm stuck in time
    in an ordinary chair
    this ain't no dream land
    hell this is nowhere
    I'd ever wish to be
    and I haven't spoken to my brother in over 2 years
    and I smell like cigarettes
    and I don't and won't even smoke the stuff
    but it seems to be growing on me
    now I touch my face
    everythings feels to be in place
    I have no clue how long it's been since I left you
    and left myself in outer space
    you know gravity’s cool for a while
    but so are go-carts
    and I know I want to go
    but don't want to deal with the technical parts

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