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    Don't tell
    yourself you're all alone
    don't tell your friends you're on your own
    don't look around for other fish in the sea
    just hold on baby and wait for me
    hold on it won't be long till I come around again
    tell yourself about your love for me
    tell your friends how you know
    that we can handle being away for a while
    and that our love grows stronger with every mile
    hold on it won't be long 'til I come around again
    if you think that I'm leaving without a tear in my eye
    you're surely mistaken
    I don't know how to cry
    and when I'm back again
    you will see that I'm for real
    we will show all of your friends
    it was never a big deal
    listen to me when I say
    hold on
    it won't be long 'til I come around again

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