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    I wonder how the
    morning came
    last night I went insane
    I threw some things
    I smashed some things
    what happens next
    I haven't figured out yet
    I'm not quite sure what
    drove me to the madness
    bringing on my darkside
    was it me
    was it you and your obnoxious friends
    that made me feel defenseless
    I couldn't care less about
    the things you'll think when I walk out
    I couldn't care less about
    what happens now
    I couldn't care less about
    the psycho-babble from your mouth
    I don't think I care enough to care
    tripped on your diploma
    bulldozing through
    bringing spring into the room
    somewhere on a country road
    you're probably killing me
    under broken things
    you found your wings
    by now you've reached the mountains
    denied yourself the fountains
    off exit 41
    in the old blue cabin
    that hides the sun so well

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