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    was he a painter
    underground major
    wasn't he conspiring with ralph nader
    sunday afternoons in central park
    was he a writer
    a freedom fighter
    did he make your world a little brighter
    mondays after dark
    andy warhol had to die
    we don't know why
    we don't know why
    now he's painting passersby
    in his corner of the sky
    was he a thinker
    a heavy drinker
    was nixon wrapped around his finger
    I've heard crazy alli swear he was
    was he a controller
    a hip rock n' roller
    did he realize that the war was over
    or let them go on just because
    while lou's still walking on the wild side
    now I've been working
    nights at the diner
    where a soup can serves as my reminder
    did he ever draw JFK
    has anyone seen him
    talked to him lately
    would you tell him that I'm waiting
    sunday afternoons in central park

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