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    There was a time when you were mine and my heart knew no pain
    But since that time sweetheart I find there's been an awful change
    The love I knew has proved untrue and now we're far apart
    No matter how you treat me now you'll still be in my heart
    I understand your many plans I brought you wealth and pride
    With all your gold when love is cold you'll be dis-satisfied
    You were untrue because you knew I love you from the start
    Though you'll find bliss in another's kiss you'll still be in my heart
    [ guitar ]
    I can't erase the lovely face no matter how I try
    When friends we knew just mention you I hang my head and cry
    You turned me down because you found you play the leadin' part
    Those lonely years I'll spend in tears you'll still be in my heart
    My one request when I lay to rest the future has in store
    On that sad day beneath the clay to sleep forever more
    Should you be there in deep despair when burning teardrops start
    Please don't forget I love you yet you'll still be in my heart

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