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    There's a yellow rose in Texas that I'm gonna see

    Nobody else could miss her not half as much as me

    She cried so when I left her it'd like to broke my heart

    And if I'd ever find her we never more will part

    She's the sweetest little resebud that Texas ever knew

    Her eyes are bright as diamonds they sparkle like the dew

    Gimme talk about you Clementine and sing of Resalee

    But the Yellow Rose of Texas is the only girl for me

    [ guitar ]

    Where the Rio Grande is flowing and the skies are bright

    She walks along the river in the quiet summer night

    I know that she remembers when we parted long ago

    I promised that I'll return and not to leave her so

    She's the sweetest little resebud...

    [ fiddle ]

    Now I'm going back to find her for my heart is full of vow

    We'll do the things together we did so long ago

    We'll play the banjo gaily she'll love me like before

    And the Yellow Rose of Texas shall be mine for ever more

    She's the sweetest little resebud...

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