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    It's been many months dear since we've parted

    And not one word have I heard from you

    I'm so all alone and broken hearted and I wonder if you miss me too

    When the world has turned you down dear I'll be waiting

    When your friends can't be found I'll be there

    When your heart is sad and weary and no longer wants to roam

    When you have no place to go please come on home

    [ piano ]

    Darling I don't know just why you left me but I know my heart is broke in two

    And if someday you should beside you want me remember I'll be waiting here for you

    When the world has turned you down...

    [ steel ]

    Dear if I had failed you then I'm sorry for I didn't mean to treat you wrong

    If you should need me some sad tomorrow you will always find me here at home

    When the world has turned you down...

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