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    I got a letter from my mama just a line or two
    She said listen daddy your good girl's leavin' you
    That's all she wrote didn't write no more
    She'd left the gloom a hanging round my front door

    Now I woke up this morning a quarter past three
    I just couldn't realize this could happen to me
    That's all she wrote...

    Now listen pretty mama you know you done me wrong
    Didn't even give a warning till after you were gone
    That's all you wrote...
    [ guitar ]
    Now someday you'll be sorry your heart will ache with pain
    You'd give a million dollars to write that note again
    That's all you wrote...

    Now listen all you ramblers who think your girl is true
    Don't ever be too certain or you'll be singing too
    That's all she wrote...

    I'll always love you honey although you done me wrong
    But when you ask forgiveness I'll just say travel on
    That's all I'll write won't write more
    The gloom will then be hanging round your front door

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