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    I slipped out of the house about sundown while mama was a washin' her hair

    And you can bet your bottom dollar she'll come lookin' for me

    When she finds that I'm not there

    And if she catches her sweet thang runnin' around

    I know there'll be the devil to pay

    She'll come blowin' like a cyclone right through that door

    And I can hear exactly what she'll say

    Well has anybody here see sweet thang I got a notion he'll be headed this a way

    Cause when my sweet thang is out tomocattin' around

    He finds a sandbox like this to play

    I wanna tell all you barroom roses if my sweet thang does have a bite

    You'd better take my advice and if you'll blink more than twice

    You'd better have somethin' in your eyes

    I gave my baby all my money on payday except a little she don't know that I got

    Cause there's a cute little waitress at the corner cafe

    And she seems to like me quite a lot

    While we were sittin' in the back booth a havin' a talk

    She believed in every word that I said

    When the door blew open Loretta walked in yellin' loud enough to wake the dead

    Well has anybody here see sweet thang...

    You'd better take my advice...

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