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    Saturday satan Sunday saint foolin' your neighbors that's what you think

    Readin' the good book singin' the hymns

    Come Monday morning and he's back to a life of sin

    Old brother Brown all week he steals tells everyone this big business deals

    The deacon walks by a dollar hits the plate

    Tryin' to buy self a ticket to the pearly gates

    Old sister Rose on the very first row been a sittin' right there twenty years or so

    Never hears a word when the preacher speaks

    Too busy talkin' bout the bad girl down the street

    Saturday satan Sunday saint...

    This little song holds good advice though some people may think it ain't too nice

    Well if you're one who's wearing the shoes

    Well there's somebody watchin' and you ain't nobody's fool

    Saturday satan Sunday saint...

    Come Monday morning and he's back to a life of sin

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