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    The sweetest songs belong to lovers in the gloaming

    The sweetest days are the days that used to be

    The saddest words I ever heard were words of parting

    When you said sweetheart remember me

    Remember me when the candle lights are gleaming

    Remember me at the close of a long long day

    It would be so sweet when all alone I'm dreaming just to know you still remember me

    [ piano ]

    You told me once that you were mine alone forever

    And I was yours till the end of eternity

    But all those vows are broken now and we will never be the same except in memory

    Remember me when the candle...

    [ guitar ]

    A brighter face may take my place when we're apart dear

    A sweeter smile and a love more bold and free

    But in the end fearweather friends may break your heart dear

    If they do sweetheart remember me

    Remember me when the candle...

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