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    Our Baby�s Book

    There's a new star in heaven tonight
    The brightest of them all, up there
    As we gaze at this sky, we wonder why
    That the Lord took our baby so fair.

    For he was as sweet as a rose
    His eyes were so big, bright and blue
    And it made me so glad they said he favored his dad
    And my wife said; "He's the image of you."

    Now you should see our baby's book
    It's pink and bordered with gold
    No, it's not complete, But on the first sheet
    Our darling's life story is told.

    It tells of the day he came
    To add more joy to our home
    After seven short weeks, Our Master did speak
    And now Roger Dale has gone.

    But I know that he's happy, up there
    I can vision each action and look
    Friends as you travel on, please remember this song
    For it's written in our baby's book.

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