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    The warship had landed and night come ashore

    The fighting was over for me ever more

    For I had been wounded they left me forget

    A stone for my pillow and snow for my bed

    The enemy found me and took me away and made me a prisoner of war so they say

    But God in his mercy was with me one day the gate was left open and I ran away

    I returned to the old home my sweet wife to see

    The home I had built for my darling and me

    The door I then opened and there on the stand I saw a picture of her and the man

    The clothes she was wearing told me the sad tale

    My darling was wearing a new bridal veil

    Then I found a letter and these words I read missing in action she thought I was dead

    [ steel ]

    So I kissed her picture and whispered goodbye

    My poor heart was breaking but my eyes were dry

    I knew it was too late for her now to learn

    I knew she must never know I had returned

    A vagabond dreamer forever I'll roam

    Because there was no one to welcome me home

    The face of my darling no more I shall see for missing in action forever I'll be

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