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    Had our number changed today although I hated to

    But each time the phone would ring they'd want to speak to you

    And it hurts to tell them you're not here with me

    Maybe now oh telephone will let me be

    It's not in the book now so you'd better write it down

    Just in case your love for me should ever come around

    You might want to call and break the news to me just call Lonesome 7-7203

    [ steel ]

    I keep the telephone beside me all the time

    Hoping you might want to call and say you're changed your mind

    If you do then darling you know where I'll be I'm at Lonesome 7-7203

    You're the only one I'm giving out new number to

    So now if the telephone should ring I'll know it's you

    If you ever long for love that used to be just call Lonesome 7-7203

    Just call Lonesome 7-7203

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