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    Why do you treat me as if I were only a friend

    What have I done that makes you so diff'rent and cold

    Sometimes I wonder if you'll be contented again

    Will you be happy when you are withered and old

    I cannot offer you diamonds or mansions so fine

    I cannot offer you clothes that your young body crave

    But if you'll say that you long to forever be mine

    Think off the heartaches the tears and the sorrow you'll save

    [ steel ]

    When you are weary and tired of another men's gold

    When you are lonely remember this letter my own

    Don't try to answerthough I've suffered anguish untold

    If you don't love me I wish you would leave me alone

    While I am writing this letter I think of the past

    And of the promises that you are breaking so free

    But to this world I will soon say my farewells at last

    I will be gone when you read this last letter from me

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