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    Well it's time to pay the fiddler and it's sad to know we've danced it all away
    But the one night disappearing leaving nothing but the cold hard light of day
    And it's time to start erasin' all the rainbows we've been chasing in our minds
    We know there's no way of making other ties on us unravel and unwind
    Yes it's time to pay the fiddler and today's the day the first instalment's due
    For the rest of all my days I wonder why to make a mismatch me and you
    But there's so much to consider like my wife and little children
    Will need and want my love just like you do
    Now it's time to pay the fiddler but before we pay the fiddler
    Let's say to him please play one last final tune

    Well it's time to pay the fiddler and this naked sorrow dripping from your eyes
    Only stranded and unshamed we've loved each other now we've got to leave it lie
    But I can feel my hand a trembling as I search to find a handle on the door
    So let's let the fiddler pull his magic bow across our heart strings just once more
    Yes it's time to pay the fiddler...

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