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    I just come into this bar to have a quick one maybe give the bowling game a whirl
    Well you sat down next to me and in a minute I could see
    That you're a complicated kinda girl
    You say there's someone home waitin' for you
    But you don't really care much if he cares
    If you're prayin' for a chance had a really big romance
    I don't think I'm the answer to your prayers
    Cause I've got all the heartaches I can handle back at home
    I got all the pain and sufferin' I can use
    While I thank you for your gracious invitation
    I'll call you when I'm runnin' short to blues
    [ guitar ]
    It's true that you might love me more than she does
    And we might be a whole lot more than friends
    But I might start to love you as much as he does
    And then you'd be out looking once again
    I've been traveling down love's rocky road a long time
    And I guess that I should know a danger sign
    So you stay here try to drown your trouble and I guess I'll go walking home to mine
    Cause I've got all the heartaches...
    I'll call you when I'm runnin' out of blues

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