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    After you have finished all your runnin' round and you find a card against your stack
    After you are weary and so sick inside I'll always be glad to take you back
    After life has taught you dear who really cares after all the rest is through with you
    Just give me a ring and you will find me there waiting as I've always done for you
    Though they tell me that you have straight dear
    That you're traveling on that other track
    But after all they just don't really know you I'll always be glad to take you back
    [ guitar ]
    After it's all over and yourself you'll find even though there's silver in your hair
    You can bet the world that I won't let you down if you'll only say that you still care
    I just can't believe that you stopped loving me I feel it deep within this heart of mine
    I'm praying for the day that you'll come back to me it's up to you I'm willing anytime
    Though they tell me...

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