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    Wedding bells rang out today but not for me

    They rang for somebody else in my old used to be

    Had to catch a train I couldn't stand the news I'm on a honeymoon with the blues

    I thought her invitation was an answer to my note

    Saying I was sorry for the unkind words I spoke

    But it's just a oneway ticket that I can't refuse to a honeymoon with the blues

    So roll on eightwheel driver take me far far away

    A thousand miles or more would be just fine

    The blues and I are celebratin' our wedding day

    And we have no special or particular place in mind

    I know that we're not headed for Niagara Falls

    But any destination would just lead me to four walls

    Well I spend weary nights wearing out my shoes on my honeymoon with the blues

    [ ac.guitar ]

    Never thought I'd take this trip without a girl of my dreams

    Shoes and drives're what I've had in mind

    So Mister Engineer won't you turn on the steam leaving all my dreams away behind

    Say porter I'd like to order drinks for two

    I know that I'm alone but then that's nothing new

    While I'm celebratin' here's a drink for you on my honeymoon with the blues

    I'm on a honeymoon with the blues

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