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    I turn your hole card upside down I caught you cheatin' and runnin' around

    There's a smile upon your face for another takes my place

    And now at last dear the truth I'd found

    Babe there's a green light you're free to go you'll take a high road I'll take the low

    Now here's your coat and shoes and don't forget your blues

    You're on canoe now you'll have to row

    [ guitar ]

    Babe there's a green light so shift your gear I know you fooled me for all these years

    I'll hold my head up high and forget you by and by

    And there'll be laughter instead of tears

    Babe there's a green light kick up your heels

    There'll come a day you know how it feels

    To have your aces trump and be taken for a chump

    Now there's a green light so spin your wheels

    [ steel ]

    Babe there's a green light...

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