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    At the end of the day my heart's filled with despair

    I knelt by my bed for a moment of prayer

    I asked God to help me and show me the way

    Then out of the darkness a voice seemed to say

    Follow me and your sins will be washed snowy white

    Follow me to the streets that are paved with pure gold

    Follow me and your darkness would turn into light

    You'll see riches and treasures untold

    [ steel ]

    I was lost in a world filled with doubt and the shame

    Each day brought me tears that I'd fall by the way

    Then out of the rocks and the caverns they came

    A voice that somehow seemed to say

    Follow me and your load will be lighter to bear

    Follow and your heart will be free from all care

    Follow me and I'll make you a place with him there if you would just follow me

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