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    When the warship's left Manila sailing proudly o'er the sea

    All the sailors hearts were filled with fond regret

    Looking backward to this Island where they spent such happy hours

    Making love to every pretty girl they've met

    (Well up stopped a little sailor with his pride eyes all aglow

    Saying take a look at my girl's photograph)

    Then the sailors gathered round him just to look upon her face

    And he said I love my Filipino baby

    She's my Filipino baby she's my trasure and my pet

    Her teeth are bright and pearly and her hair is black as jet

    Oh her lips are sweet as honey and her heart is true I know

    She's my darling my little Filipino baby

    [ steel ]

    In a little rustic cottage in the port of Filipines dwells a lonely little maiden all alone

    (She is thinking of her true love though he's far across the sea

    And her heart beats true for him and him alone)

    Then one day he whispered darling I've come back from Caroline

    I've come back to claim the only girl I love

    And that night there was a wedding while the ships crew gathered round

    And he wed his little Filipino baby

    She's my Filipino baby...

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