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    Side by side we'll roll along sweetheart you and I

    And to you I'll sing this song as the years go passing by

    I'm maybe good or I'm maybe bad but you never frown

    I couldn't find a sweeter pal if I'd search the whole world around

    Blue eyed Elaine you're the sweetest thing and I love you so

    And you'll always be the same no matter where we go

    We'll travel here we'll travel there and we'll never part

    You'll always be my blue eyed Elaine and I'll be your sweetheart

    [ guitar ]

    When skies are grey and things go wrong we'll never fret nor sigh

    But we'll just keep traveling on without head held up hign

    And when I gaze into your eyes your heart and soul are plain

    And you know the reason why I love you blue eyed Elaine

    Blue eyed Elaine...

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