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    Please listen to me bartender I've got something on my mind

    I think I'd might feel better after one more glass of wine

    I'm payin' for a broken heart the price of love is high

    With nothing left to live for what's there to do but die

    (I know your story honey they're all the same you see

    Why I knew the minute that you walked in you want to talk to me

    But I've learned what you don't read in books from words that cost this bar

    I've seen them come and I've seen them drink

    Till they don't even know who they are

    Now I don't believe that honky tonk is a place for a girl like you

    I might be wrong but you don't look right sittin' there on that barstool

    It's not too late so stop and think before all of your pride is gone

    You can end up like all the rest with a barroom for your home)

    I know you're right bartender goodnight I'm going home

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