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    "No kind of sensation is keener and more active than that of pain
    Its impressions are unmistakable"

    Prithee... charm me fro' mine mortal guise
    I fear, by my throth, the evenfall o' youth
    May I succumb to thee and claim thy most vital kiss...

    So what are you waiting for...

    "What lack of movement! What ice!
    Nothing stirs me, nothing excites me...
    I ask you, is this pleasure? What difference on the other side!
    What tickling on my senses! What excitement in my organs"

    Fro' Aurora's bed, of gods eyesight lost, a sick man she'd his tears
    Did I live dead or did I live at all when I knew nought but mortal fears

    The fume of my sighs draped the soil
    Intertwined with the fresh morning dew
    I bedevilled my name and succumbed to thy seductive flesh
    In hope to remember the view

    I taunt thee... daughter o' seraphs
    Oh, I bevail thy loss of innocense...
    I will write, by my troth, a sonnet to thee my beloved

    Haunting... I wander through the crowded streets o' London
    Dressed to kill and live and let live and leave traces o' red

    I think I'm kinda falling in love with you

    Oh, fair virgin... spread thy angelwings and crown me for being a madman

    Innocense and fear, mirrored in the savage eyes of lechery
    Sweet sixteen, sweet innocent colleen
    I crave the sweet, sweet taste of thy naked vulva
    Sucking, sucking... and so on and so forth 'til I besmear thy innocense
    Mesmerized by thy poisonous wine
    Ah, I fall in love...

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