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    [Lyrics: O.A.Myrholt]

    The promised land of joy leads me quite a chase
    Shaping the vortex moonshine into another daemon aeon

    Caught in a crossfire of lust, a dream of strange ambient fusion
    Dying in the valley of death,
    As in the essence of the Shakespearian Conclusion

    As I dream of that night, dazzled by it's charm
    And as I dream of you nestled here in my arms

    It's only when I weep, only when I reach to touch you
    It's only when I nourish the (ultimate) paranoid grandeur
    It's only when the venereal notion unfolds
    I see more devils than vast hell can hold

    You breathe in sharply when I bid (you) to join the trance
    To wheresoever the (polychrome) devils may dance
    The gleaming utopia (suddenly) casting shadows of sadness
    And there is beauty in all it's madness

    When I come down it seems to me, that I am desecration
    And touching you seems like a revelation...

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