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    [Lyrics: O.A.Myrholt]
    [Music: T.E.Tunheim]

    Winter and autumn drove hand in hand
    Dazzled by the light of a perplexed moon
    All tangled in bohemian supremacy
    And the tingly ambience of a deceitful noon

    ...tangled in grand affection

    Autumn's cold hand craving in a tight and comforting response
    While their bizarre passionate music tore fainthearted souls apart
    The narrow minded seasons did violently collide
    When they beheld autumn hellishly situated on winter astride

    ...tangled in grand affection

    There were few lucid moments in the subsequent madness
    Both winter and autumn withdrew from joy to abided sadness
    Wasting their dark passion and wasting their complexion
    Reluctancy turned to nonchalance
    And this denouement is the grand reflection

    Daunting the timidity of shallow waters,
    The hands of the beast wrote some touching rhymes
    Sadly they drifted apart like trees denued of leaves,
    And thus the dialogue was dead by springtime

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