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    The desert vista gleams with hysteria, impossible to foreordain
    Glamourized, these common waters, exposing her virginity in most frustrating
    The ship of discipline sink without trace, disappears with the change in the
    Suddenly cold in it's hurried nakedness, so many faces but none of them this
    Fucking fair

    This monochrome desert collapse, tangled in a vortex of movement
    ...Still I weep
    Out of sight, dreaming her presence, I listen to the wind
    Spasm of brilliance, plunge into the outside, forced to tears by the sight
    The twinge of desire, possessed by it's darkness
    Yesterday beguilled by the slop of my exhausted tide

    ...Is this something unique

    Oh, when I sit alone at night and wonder far and wide
    I succumb to the sound of her heart...

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