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    Reaching heights at the shores, only dreamt of before
    While the mountains rise tall in my view
    My poisoned heart beats, crystal water's at my feet
    As I hope to catch a glimpse of the swans
    A sudden calm rise as I watch the blue skies
    A soothing chill comes with the breeze
    I lay down to rest while the sun sets in west
    With an itch in my cold urban soul
    I glance upon the hills, carpetbombed by thrills
    As the forrest bestows peace upon the void
    Possessed by dim light, desire sweeps the night
    And the climax shines through bluebell mist
    As I awake from sleep, desire still sweeps
    And the echoes thunders from afar
    Hours are plundered by the post orgasmic slumber
    As the sun seeks shelter in the skies
    The sky upholds the rush with a sudden strange blush
    Passing oceans to reach these shores
    The woods sing despair as ruins appear
    Changing course, sailing into the sun
    Exhausted by pleasure I cherish this treasure
    I stand naked admiring the view
    I behold the purple sky as the summerwinds cry
    And the trees turn red beneath the sun
    Entangled in sleep as the nightwind weeps
    Dreaming from dusk 'til dawn
    A grey day follows, but far from hollow
    I awake to the voice of an angel
    If I dream on tomorrow, I will know no sorrow
    And if I do I'll just blame it on the rain
    Leaving the beach in favour of the breach
    Bounding stronger by every touch

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