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    If I had a daily bliss
    A somewhat cheerful view
    A silent grace I could perceive
    To grow as I pursued

    Then when, around midnight
    Instead of wasted from my sight;
    Loaded beyond the utmost space
    I'd have one average night
    I measure every fucker I meet
    With analytic eyes;
    I wonder if their grief weighs like mine
    Or has an easier size

    I wonder if, when these years have piled
    If the pain will still be as real
    The early hurt, such a lapse
    A lifetime of grief bereaved of appeal

    Will I just go on aching?
    Through centuries above
    Exposed by god to a larger pain
    By contrast with the promise of love

    They say heaven is packed and that's where we go
    But I've got one hell of a surprise
    Your death is but one and came but once
    And only nailed your eyes

    And though I may not guess the right kind
    Correctly, yet to me
    And the piercing comfort it creates;
    Passing portions of fiery glee

    The denotes of the fashions of the cross
    Of those that stand alone
    Still fascinated to presume
    That some has a view like my own

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