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    Hold up your glasses, Shout for the masses
    Here we go, And so begins the show
    And not for the first time, We step on the fault line
    And just like that, We watch the fireworks start

    Oh, Sleep, If you can

    You said it was alright, You said it was just
    Another night, But your eyes betray the fight
    And as for this new land, Well it's not what you had planned, right?
    Of love, For this life is stale as tough

    Oh, Sleep, If you can

    Tell me that it isn't true, The things you say he did to you
    For my rage flies, And a man dies
    So this is what I'd like to do, But I don't think that you want me to

    'Cause people are listening, And watching and pointing
    They're looking for windows, And dreaming on porches
    So don't say a word if you want to be here in the morning, In the morning

    So it all ends here, Almost a way
    Out the door, And I'm suddenly fixed to the floor

    Oh, Sleep, If you can

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