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    I fougth the law
    The law fought me
    Hey mr sheriff
    Where I might be
    I might have a fun
    In port of Amstredam
    I might be a jerk
    In City of New York
    I might be close
    I might be far
    I might be a star
    Over Kandahar

    It's time to say goodbye oh my darling
    Save your tears and give a kiss to our son
    I hope the Northen star will be shining
    I'wanted man and I'am on the run

    human rights division
    Soul selling and buying
    Cultural revision
    Work out Rambo
    And get those evil man
    It all goes with burgers
    Hollywood and CNN

    I did a cryme
    I created fear
    I created fear
    for a 1000 years

    it's time?

    If I was a pigon
    You made me a falcon
    Now I am falcon
    over hills of Balkan

    if I was a wisper
    You made me a thunder
    Ad I wonder and I wonder
    Why you made me a thunder

    And I wonder still I wonder
    You need me a thunder

    See me in the pappers
    On the bill- board paint
    I was a sinner
    You made me a saint

    It'is time?

    The old shepard trick
    For his sheep
    The wolf as a stick
    Makes them sleep
    Makes them blind
    Makes them sleep
    Makes them silent
    Makes them sleep

    And when I find myself
    Locked in prison
    Mother mary comes to me
    Oh mother Mary who will be
    Wanted man instead of me

    It's time?

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